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Cultural Center Of Science (C3)

The Scientific and Technological Hub is a center of management, production and dissemination of knowledge. The building is seen, both nationally and internationally, as a relevant center for the national academic and scientific development.


In the Scientific and Technological Hub are the headquarters of the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation and its agencies: the National Agency for Science and Technology Promotion (The Agency) and, in a second stage, the CONICET. These three agencies are the engine of national development as regards science, technology and innovation.


In the building, we can also find the International Institutes for Interdisciplinary Innovation (I4), which promote international relations between Argentina and the world regarding research and development in science, technology and productive innovation. They are:

  • Biomedical Research Institute of Buenos Aires CONICET - Partner Institute of the Max Planck Society in Buenos Aires: devoted to current issues of biosciences, especially in the field of biomedical research.
  • Research and Training Unit from the ICGEB (International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology): is a multidisciplinary unit dedicated to the areas of biosafety, bioethics and intellectual property rights.
  • Industrial Design Bilateral Centre (Argentina-Italy): the Center, devoted to investigate the relationship between industrial design and new technologies, involves several Italian institutions.
  • Interdisciplinary Centre of Studies in Science, Technology and Innovation (CIECTI): This center is targeted to Social Sciences and works with local universities and multilateral organizations.
  • Centre for Computer Simulation for Technological Applications (CSG, CONICET): This Centre works to find solutions for technological problems, ranging from modeling of seismic waves in geologic formations to obtain information about the presence of hydrocarbons, to simulation of the operation of radars and sonars through the development of computer models.
  • Centre for Research in Bionanosciences “Elizabeth Jares-Erijman” (CIBION, CONICET): It seeks to give a response to problems in the detection and dynamic of cell receivers, cell signaling chains, formation of bio-films and location and dose of drugs through the use of high-performance optic microscopy, probe microscopy, supramolecular chemical synthesis, and hierarchical organisation in various scales and approaches to metabolomics using mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance.


Located in the neighborhood of Palermo (in the lands of the former Giol winery), the Scientific and Technological Hub will feature an auditorium and a science museum aimed at science popularization. Moreover, as a symbol of the ties that creates between science and society, the Scientific and Technological Hub keeps its doors open to the community through a restaurant located in the Red Building, and soon it will have a publicly accessible green space.