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Letter of invitation

Those of us who work in a Botanical Garden know how to listen to trees. More than that, we weave stories of bees and beetles, we rejoice when toads croak and we know well the joy of the first flower when Spring arrives.

In order to do this, we had to study, investigate and, above all, have a lot of patience in learning the secrets of biology and botany, ecology, physics, chemistry, soil sciences, physiology ... and many other branches of the sciences that come together in one of the most encyclopedic tasks that can be described.

It is not enough to know; we must also be able to transmit this knowledge to those around us, with clear and simple words that explain, paradoxically, one of the most complicated mechanisms that exist: the circle of life.

In a Botanic Garden, those who transmit knowledge are the educators: teachers disguised as guides, park rangers or adventurers who are thrilled with the green of the leaves and the smiles of children. They could also be university professors who reveal the secrets of biology in the form of essential oils or pinnate leaves.

Education is one of the tangible and essential assets that make up the legacy of a Botanic Garden for its society and is one of the pillars of the work of the Botanic Garden of Buenos Aires "Carlos Thays". That is why we are proud that Buenos Aires is will be the next venue for the 11th. International Congress of Education in Botanic Gardens. Come and visit us, share your knowledge and experiences with our colleagues from around the world and enjoy making our motto a truth: hands, minds and hearts on a meaningful education.

Graciela Barreiro
Botanic Garden of the City of Buenos Aires “Carlos Thays”